PayDay! App on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus & iOS 8

PayDay! mobile app is optimised for new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus & iOS 8.


About PayDay! App

PayDay! is a secure mobile application suite that allows employees on-the-go to view their payslips (i.e. pay advices) conveniently from any location with Internet availability. Employees can quickly review their monthly payslips, whether for the present month or previous months as long as their employers processed their payroll with PayDay! Payroll SaaS Solution. This application is an extension of what employees can obtain from a secure login for employees via the desktop or notebook computer, or browser on a tablet.
The ability to access and view personal payslips on PayDay! App is controlled by the employer's payroll administrator. The administrator can allow or disallow the access to selected or all employees accordingly. Resigned employees will not be able to access their payslips to prevent any future unathorised access.
The key features include:
1. View individual's payslips of last 6 months
2. View payroll and HR training courses available, and send email to recommend to colleagues or friends by email.
3. Read HR, payroll and employment related news bites.
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