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What is PayDay!?

PayDay! Software as a Service (SaaS) is a Cloud-based Payroll Solution specially designed for Singapore SMEs.


PayDay! is an easy-to-use, 100% compliant and 24/7 online payroll solution. It helps to run payroll in three easy steps with no payroll knowledge required, replacing manual payroll processing. It is hosted on Microsoft Azure's secure servers located in Singapore so that you do not have to install any software to use PayDay!. Business owners can process their payroll anytime, anywhere securely, and employees can view their electronic payslips online and via iOS and Android mobile devices.


4 Facts about PayDay! SaaS



  • A true SaaS Payroll solution for Singapore SMEs
  • Seamless DIY and Pay-as-you-use solution with credit card payment gateway
  • Handles monthly payroll computation and processing for most industries
  • An ecosystem for SME's payroll and HR admin needs


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Data Security

The security and confidentiality of your organisation's payroll information is of paramount importance to us. We instituted various security measures so that you can process your payroll with a peace-of-mind and knowledge that the information will be there whenever you need it. Our business depends on your trust. Click here for details on how we protect your data.


PayDay! is hosted in SSAE 16 certified data centre.


Our SSAE16 compliant data center in Singapore and 128-bits SSL encryption technology are just two of the many security measures that we have put in place. From a usage point of view, every organisation's payroll administrator can control how each of their employees access their online payslips and/or payroll reports. These access permissions can be easily withdrawn if necessary, and resigned employees' online login accounts are immediately disabled.


Advanced sign-in security with OTP


Other than our SSAE16 compliant data center in Singapore and 128-bits SSL encryption security measures, we have also put in place One-Time Password (OTP) authentication during login. This additional layer of protection reduces the risk of unauthorised access to your payroll account.


From a usage point of view, every organisation�s payroll administrator has full control and flexibility of their employees access to their online payslips and/or reports. These access rights can be easily withdrawn if necessary.



payday pricePay as You Use

It only cost $5 per employee per process. A basic fee of $5* per employee will cover all the necessary features to process payroll

  • Unlimited employees
  • Monthly payroll
  • Bonus and other ad-hoc payment
  • Basic reports, including IR8A
  • Online payslips for every employee


All transactions are safe and secure.


All our credit cards purchases are handled by PayPal secure payment gateway. PayPal is the largest and most popular online payment service provider in the world. All transactions are protected with PayPal latest fraud prevention technology.

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Do not worry about fines, ever!

We know how tough it is to keep up with the changes in employment laws and related legislation. PayDay! is developed with the objective of letting you focus on running your business with updates done automatically behind the scenes. So, you can confidently run your monthly payroll without worrying about wrong payroll deduction of CPF, SDL, Income Tax, etc.



No Payroll Knowledge Required

PayDay! allows you to handle payroll without any payroll knowledge required.


PayDay! automates these processes for you. Simply key in your information one time, and run your payroll each month at a click of a button. PayDay! takes care of the rest!


PayDay! cuts payroll down to 3 easy steps: 1. Enter your payroll information 2. Authorise payment 3. Generate your reports


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Itemised Payslips

No more manual preparation of payslips. Now you can generate payslips at a click with PayDay!. In line with Ministry of Manpower (MOM) initiative for SMEs to provide Itemised Payslips to ALL employees, payslips can be delivered directly to employees via smartphones or any internet enabled devices.


Click here for the sample payslip. Visit the app stores to download our mobile app now.


Instant Statistics at a Glance

You can now view instant statistics of your manpower cost in a glance once you login to the dashboard.

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Customer Care

PayDay! comes with comprehensive online FAQs that are available 24 / 7. And if you ever need to talk to someone, our customer service are ready to help you by phone, email or web-based chat during office hours from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


No Installation and Maintenance Fees

PayDay!, as a hosted cloud application, means that you can finally say goodbye to software installation and updates.


As a subscription-based solution, PayDay! is ready to use. There is no upfront capital investment and annual maintenance fees involved.


PayDay! supports all the major Internet browsers of today, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.


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