GentleBros Café



As a new start-up, Mr Yeo Kim Hock, owner and chef of GentleBros Café, juggles multiple roles every day. In order to grow his business, he understands that he has to constantly streamline his processes. One of the aspects is his café’s payroll and HR. 


Mr Yeo was maintaining spreadsheets of his employees’ payroll data manually. He also had to check out multiple government websites to keep himself updated with the MOM, CPF and IRAS changes. It was a time consuming and tedious process. 




It was until he switched to using an online payroll system – PayDay! Software as a Service (SaaS). Then, he discovered that processing of payroll, keeping track of HR records and issuing of itemised payslips can be accurate, quick and easy. 


“PayDay! SaaS breaks down the whole process into simple form filling. It is easy to use, and it even works for people with limited payroll and HR knowledge,” said Mr Yeo. “Salary calculation for daily and hourly paid employees is now an easy task. I just have to enter the number of days or hours worked and leave the calculation to the system. After updating these data, I can complete the payroll processing in just a few clicks. The CPF and Bank GIRO files are also generated instantly.”



PayDay! SaaS can also generate IR8A form during year end and this will help Mr Yeo saves a lot of time, as compared to filling the form manually. Furthermore, PayDay! SaaS integrates with cloud accounting systems which payroll and accounting data can be synced seamlessly.


Mr Yeo is extremely satisfied with PayDay! SaaS. He highly recommends PayDay! SaaS to all start-ups business owners who wants to worry less about payroll and focus more on growing their business.