PayDay! Software as a Service Reaches 2,000 Sign-ups

04 February 2015


SINGAPORE: 4 February 2015 ─ PayrollServe today announced that 2,000 businesses have signed up for PayDay! Software as a Service (SaaS).


Specially designed for small, growing businesses in Singapore, PayDay! SaaS is an online solution that allows business owners to run payroll in three easy steps, saving significant time in payroll processing. It also automatically updates according to the latest payroll legislative requirements, giving businesses peace of mind over payroll compliance.


By automating payroll calculations, PayDay! SaaS eliminates the risk of mistakes that comes with the manual calculation process and allows users to focus more on business matters. Furthermore, businesses can easily generate CPF and IRAS submission files and the bank GIRO file at a click.


Available at no extra cost, the IR8A function of PayDay! SaaS allows users to input employees’ salary histories at any time of the year and automatically compiles the data into the IR8A form.


As an eligible investment under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme, PayDay! SaaS also allows businesses to enjoy a 400% tax deduction or 60% cash payout.


To sign up or find out more about PayDay! SaaS, please visit:


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