PayrollServe and Scoot Celebrate Singapore’s 50th Birthday with Scoot’s Newest Boeing 787 Dreamliner

06 July 2015


SINGAPORE: 6 July 2015 ─ PayrollServe teams up with Scoot to celebrate the nation’s 50th birthday in style. Dressed in a party-themed livery, Scoot’s newest Boeing 787 Dreamliner, named “Maju-lah”, joins PayrollServe and 19 other local businesses to shout out our well-wishes to Singapore.

Scoot’s newest 787 rolled out of Boeing’s factory with only the tail section painted, arriving under cover of darkness before heading straight into the hangar for a 7-day paint job, some of which was even done by hand!


The livery design evokes festive revelry with our effervescent Scootees, big red party balloons and bursts of confetti, along with the official SG50 logo upfront and caricature of Singapore’s iconic Merlion. Two bubbly Scootees (Scoot cabin crew) help spread the main message, “Happy 50th Birthday Singapore”, holding on to strings tied to balloons featuring PayrollServe’s as well as the other partners’ company logos.


“We are delighted to be part of this showcase celebrating SG50. Adding to the festivities, we are thrilled to celebrate our firm’s 30th birthday at the same time. As a company born and bred here, our focus on serving businesses in Singapore for the past 3 decades has allowed us to grow with our clients and the nation’s success has been inspiring us to continuously improve ourselves so as to deliver responsive and comprehensive Payroll and HR services to our clients,” said Olivia Yeoh, Director of PayrollServe.


“Scoot is so very proud to call Singapore home. This young nation has achieved remarkable success in a short time through vision and hard work, and is a great inspiration to a young airline like Scoot. We are proud to join the SG50 celebrations and show that pride on an aircraft that will be seen around the world for months to come,” said Scoot CEO, Campbell Wilson. We look forward to exciting years ahead that are fuelled by fervour and blessed with growth, and wish the same for Singapore. Let’s take flight!


About PayrollServe

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PayrollServe is the Payroll and HR Administration Services division of the Chio Lim Stone Forest group, the largest accounting and business advisory group outside the Big 4 in Singapore. We are part of a team of more than 950 professionals in Singapore and 320 in China, specialising in areas such as Payroll, Human Resources, Accounting and Tax.


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