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How do I generate an IR8A/ A8A/ IR8S/ A8B tax file?

Step 1: Go to Payroll Module -> Reports -> IRAS Export.

Step 2: Select "For Tax Assessment ended 31st Dec 2012"

Step 3: Select the correct Format Option:


PAT FORMAT For users submitting the tax file via CrimsonLogic
IRAS eSUBMISSION FORMAT For users submitting the tax file using SingPass via IRAS Validation and Submission software
MS Word Document For the printing of hardcopy forms


Step 4: Click on the button below to download the tax file.
Note: To consolidate your IR8A, IR8S, A8A, A8B by employee Tax Reference No, please check the "Consolidate by Tax Refno" box.


System becomes unresponsive when I generate the IR8A form/ Bank giro file and PDF report.

Click here for step-by-step instructions.


How do I start using the software?

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How can employees to view their online payslip?

Click here step-by-step instructions.


How do I generate the payroll report in excel format?

Click here for detailed instructions.


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