All you need for Leave is PayDay!

Employees easily apply for leave
via web browsers OR mobile app

Approvers easily approve/reject leave
via web browsers OR mobile app

Company absence in control
with powerful dashboard

Important monthly and YTD reports
& forms are available at a click

The leave calendars portrait the
full picture of employees’ absence

Seamlessly integrated with
Payroll module to sync data


From only $35 per month

Priced just right for Singapore SMEs. Pay-As-You-Use.


All eLeave packages include

Reports & Forms

  • Leave Adjustment Report
  • Pending Leave Report
  • Pending Leave Report
  • Approved Leave Report
  • Leave Type Summary Report
  • Year-to-Date Leave Summary
  • Year-End Report
  • Government-Paid Child Care Leave (GPCL) Scheme Declaration
  • Government-Paid Maternity Leave (GPML) Scheme Declaration

Sync to Payroll

  • Sync unpaid leave records to Payroll module at a click

Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)


  • View leave balance
  • View leave history
  • Apply / Cancel leave
  • View leave calendar

  • View leave approval history
  • View list of pending leave for approval
  • Approve / Reject leave


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