All you need for Payroll is PayDay!

Complete payroll run at a few clicks.
No payroll knowledge is required

Bank GIRO file is easily generated in seconds. Support ALL local banks & major foreign banks

Auto-generated CPF file & IRAS
e-submission or PATLINE files

Important monthly and YTD reports
are available at a click

Employees view payslips / tax
via web browsers OR mobile app

Tax forms (IR8A, IR8S and A8A)
are available in the end of the year


From only $25 per month

Priced just right for Singapore SMEs. Pay-As-You-Use.


All Payroll packages include

Monthly Reports

  • Payroll Report for Salaries
  • CPF Report
  • FWL Report
  • Payment Listing Report (Bank / Cheque / Cash)
  • Year-to-date Payroll Report
  • Pay Items Details Report
  • Consolidated Payroll Report
  • General Ledger (GL) Report
  • OT Report

Monthly Online Itemised Payslip (web & mobile)

Monthly Online submission files

  • CPF e-submission or PATLine submission file
  • Bank GIRO file for selected banks (OCBC, UOB, DBS, Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), HSBC & Citibank)


  • Form IR8A, A8A, IR8S (downloadable and printable version)

Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

  • View payslips
  • View latest IR8A form



Seamless integration with
the most popular cloud accounting software

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